With a solid international background in youth culture and urban lifestyle, Realvibes is focused on producing live events in the field of music, street dance and action sports, specific targeted initiatives for brands and companies as well as talent management and booking. For the past ten years Realvibes has been producing live events, concerts and festivals, it has been providing talents and ideas for live entertainment or television industry as well as creating commercial projects for brands and companies.

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Marco Sabbatini

Marco Sabbatini has been operating in the culture industry for fifteen years. He came in contact with the Hip Hop culture during a trip in New York in 1995 and was fascinated by it. In the early 2000’s he contributed to the development of the RHHP – Roma Hip Hop Parade festival in Rome as well as of local editions of the Battle of the Year and Hip Hop International. He is currently artistic director of OPEN, an independent Hip Hop theatre festival at Golden Theatre in Rome. He worked as tv producer for two tv shows broadcasted on RAI channels (Un Mondo a Colori, Hip Hop Generation) and supported several companies in approaching the street dance world. He wrote about dance and music for several local magazines like DanzaSì, Dance & Culture and Hot. He also wrote an article on the last issue of Aelle Magazine, a legendary magazine that played a major role in the Hip Hop scene in Italy in the Nineties. As consultant he worked for several agencies and companies in planning cultural marketing activities related to street dance. Along with his friend Alessandro Tamburrini he founded Realvibes, the first street-culture-inspired entertainment company in the italian market.

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Alessandro Tamburrini

Alessandro Tamburrini aka Dj Baro is a dj, producer and promoter. He started as a Bboy in 1989 dancing with the legendary italian breakdance pioneer Crash Kid. After travelling throughout Europe and visiting several breakdance jams, in 1995 he started focusing on djing and turntablism under the influence of his dj friend Dj Stile. Along with many other Hip Hop activists he founded the RomeZoo collective and the RomeZoo Dj’s, still famous nowadays for their contribution to the italian Hip Hop scene. In 1998 he started collaborating with the legendary rap group Colle der Fomento as dj and producer until he officially joined the group in 1999. Along with his friend Marco Sabbatini he founded Realvibes, the first street-inspired entertainment company in Italy. Realvibes has been producing for years some of the key events in the scene, including Battle of the Year and Hip Hop International. He produced the soundtrack of the first italian dance movie Balla con Noi. Due to his passion for funk music he started Sweat Drops, a special event happening every year on December 25th in Rome to celebrate James Brown.

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